HERON CAY Lakeview - a AAA Four Diamond  Bed & Breakfast INN  

 The 'STORYBOOK' MANSION of Mount Dora!!  

   "Authentic Recreation of a 9200 Sq. Ft., 1890's QUEEN ANNE Victorian Mansion"... with 8 'One of a Kind' Rooms overlooking Lake Dora

~~~  Located at 495 West Old US Highway 441, Mount Dora, Florida 32757  - CALL 352-383-4050  /  EMAIL innkeeper@heroncay.com   ~~~

 *****   MEMORIAL 3 DAY Weekend begins this coming FRIDAY... May 27... and goes through Monday... May 30  !!  *****  

  Little known fact: This marks the unofficial beginning of the Summer Vacation season that lasts until the first Monday in September, which is Labor Day!! 

   And Our 'SUMMER Vacation SPECIALS' also begin!!  30% OFF 2nd Night  OR  3rd Night FREE !!  

****************  CALL Margie... 352-383-4050  ****************


  Below... A Special Picture of our Facade... taken by our friend, and renowned Architectural and Landscape photographer, Doug Thompson. 

Please visit and patronize Doug's Mount Dora business... Mount Dora Olive Oil Company (website - Mount Dora Olive Company) and for a Showcase of his Photography, visit his website -  Doug Thompson Photography. 

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 Please call for Information about our Spring / Summer SPECIALS!! 352-383-4050 !  


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 And When ALL Conditions are (Not) PERFECT??   We are WATERFRONT! 

 Our usually DRY 'Pond'... has Water and a Sunset to the Northwest (Rare)! 

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We have 'SHORT NOTICE' Specials 'year-around'  Please inquire! ***  CALL Margie 352-383-4050  /  888-437-6622 ***  eMail:  innkeeper@heroncay.com


  Our 'Pool FURNITURE is finished in BRIGHT Island Colors using Awl-Grip, a Marine / Aircraft Epoxy paint...    

We have brought the 'TOPICAL FLARE'  to Mount Dora: Our LUSH landscaping offer over 100 varieties of Flora! 

  'From' our Pool... You are surrounded by an 'Island Theme' !!  

  During the Day... You may relax around the Pool... Sipping 'Mint Juleps' / 'Bloody Marys' /  'Rum & COKE-a-COLA' / or... 'Water'!  

     FOUR     DIAMONDS... for 19 Continuous Years      


         Located in Beautiful Mount Dora, Florida... and just a 4 'MINI' Block walk to DOWNTOWN!!      

  Situated on 2 plus Landscaped Acres Overlooking Lake Dora...  


 *** If you wish to View Our Rooms and General Rates... Click Here!  *** 

  All Rooms Include: FULL Private Bath - Flat Screen TV - WIFI - Refrigerator - Hair Dryer - Robes - MORE... and a 4+ Course Gourmet Breakfast!  


  A Weekend in MOUNT DORA  --  A GIRL'S GET AWAY... And/Or a GUYS' Awesome GOLF Plus GET AWAY !!  

*** Please CALL Margie 352-383-4050  /  888-437-6622 about 2/3 Night Specials ***  eMail:  innkeeper@heroncay.com


   FOUR    DIAMONDS... Now for 19 Continuous Years  

*** PLEASE Remember - the Old 'Idiom' : " You ' GET ' what you pay for..." ***

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When you want to 'Get Out of Florida' on a tank of Gas... Come To Beautiful, Mystical Mount Dora, located in Central Florida ... 

You will feel you are in... the 'Foot hills' of the Carolina's... Pennsylvania... 'Up State' New York... Vermont... New Hampshire... almost anywhere in the Northeast... and with a little Imagination... England, Austria, Germany... But the 'Palms' are a Dead Give Away!

A 'BRIGHT' Spot in your Mount Dora Visit!!

  One of the MOST photographed 'Landmarks' in Mount Dora!!  

Truly an Escape to a Place lost in Time... in the Lakes and 'Foot Hills' of Florida !!

During the Day... Relax around the Pool... The Plants have GROWN and the Furniture and Deck have been Painted !

Another Beautiful Sunset... A Truly , ROMANTIC Experience!!

Expect... and Receive the BEST!!  Awarded AAA Four   DIAMOND Rating for 19 Years...


If you only desire a 'Motel Room' for the night... You will find a nice selection on NEW Highway 441 at the 'Best Western', 'Motel 6', 'Comfort Suites', Etc...

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Is it Time for that weekend GET-AWAY to Mount Dora??   We Qualify for that 'STAYCATION!!'

 ''Summer' Accommodations starting at $125.00 / $175.00 (weeknight / weekend) Inquire for Specials  


  SO Many things to DO in and AROUND MOUNT DORA:  

Boat Tours - Boat Rentals - Balloon Rides - Antique Shops - Golf - Horseback Riding - Kayaking - Music - Tea Rooms - FOOD & WINE!! - Art Galleys - Sea Planes Rides - AND Truly, a 'ONE of a KIND' experience ... the 'Orange Blossom Cannonball' Florida’s Historic 'Turn of the Century' Steam train!  America’s #1 Movie Train - '3:10 to Yuma' / 'True Grit' / 'Appaloosa'/ ' Rosewood'... SEE BELOW!!    


  When visiting... Always leave time to Experience the Charm of the MOUNT DORA Area... by AIR, LAND and WATER!!  

Service between Mount Dora and Tavares.  Enjoy various departure times between Mount Dora and Tavares!!


  CLICK on the STEAM ENGINE Above to receive MORE Information !  


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Our "STANDARD" Rooms start at $125 (Summer Weeknight)... and range in size from 250 ft2 to 320 ft2 (A 15 X 15 room is only 225 ft2) they overlook the Pool & Gardens !! 

All Rooms Include: FULL Private Bath - Flat Screen TV - WIFI - Refrigerator - Hair Dryer - Robes - MORE... and a 4+ Course Gourmet Breakfast!  



 ***  Contact US about Seaplane Flights / Tours departing from Mount Dora !!  *** 


Something NEW and DIFFERENT for Your Family to do when in Mount Dora for a couple of Days!

Fun for ALL Ages !!  CLICK on  ANY Picture  BELOW to VISIT Their SITE!!


Then... GO KAYAKING through the REAL FLORIDA you saw from the SKY!!!!!

 ***  Central Florida Kayak Tours  *** 

 Please CLICK ON the Picture BELOW to view their WEB SITE!  It is a MUST See!   And tell them Randy & Margie sent you!!


  If you want to know about EVERYTHING going on in MOUNT DORA...Click below to Visit:  

  ****  What to do in MOUNT DORA!!  ****  


***   INQUIRE  about  Spring / Summer  SPECIALS!!   ***    Please CALL 352-383-4050 or 888-437-6622...

for Four  Diamond Lodging RATES  


 Mount Dora Area Chamber of Commerce!!  And here is    how the 'Chamber's Current Home' looked in 1922 ! 

And Florida Highwaymen Artist, R. L. Lewis' painting the the Train Station for the 'RAFFLE' Painting for the August, 2014 Mount Dora Highwaymen Show


  For MORE things to Do In and Around MOUNT DORA...  

 Visit... LAKE County to See ALL that is HAPPENING... NEARBY!!  


  Call Margie at HERON CAY: 352-383-4050 or Toll Free at 888-HERONCAY (888-437-6622) to Book one of MOUNT DORA's Legendary Festivals, Events or Just a FUN FILLED Weekend / Weekday!!

Send eMail to:  innkeeper@heroncay.com. However, there are so MANY Things to be DONE here... eMail is NOT INSTANTLY Checked!! 

    We have Eight Rooms available to our Guests: All with FULL (Tub & Shower) Private Baths, Small Refrigerator/Freezers, Televisions and WI-FI.  Including 'ZOI' Garden, our first floor room which is fully ADA Compliant and also 'PET(s)' Friendly!

**** Click Here... To View Our Rooms and General Rates !! ****

************** PLEASE NOTE!!  **************

 WARNING!!!! Many 'Internet and GPS MAPS' will give the WRONG Location if our address is entered incorrectly!! Especially 'GPS Nav. Systems' !!  When in doubt, please contact Margie at 352-383-4050 (Toll Free 888-Heroncay) or eMail her at... innkeeper@heroncay.com



The SUMMER Highwaymen Show is coming August 13th and 14th, 2016 

 The 17th SHOW'S Poster Painting is of Mary Ann Carroll's Raffle painting she donated  for the January 23th & 24th Show



Above: The 'RAFFLE' Painting from the August, 2014 Show: MOUNT DORA's Historic Train Station with Vintage Steam Engine by Highwaymen Artist, R. L. Lewis.

 Is now Available in Prints, Giclees and Other Options.

 The Second Collaboration 'RAFFLE' Painting of MOUNT DORA's Waterfront at GILBERT PARK'.  

  GICLEEs (Print on Canvas) of the 2nd COLLABORATION RAFFLE Painting of Mount Dora's LIGHTHOUSE and Waterfront'  signed by All Artists (on back), is available: Stretched & Framed - $400 / Un-Stretched  & Unframed - $300  


Signed Posters and Flyers from ALL 16  Mount Dora Florida Highwaymen Events...  ARE still available FOR PURCHASE - Please INQUIRE.


 1st - Aug., 2008        2nd - Jan., 2009    3rd - Aug., 2009    4th - Jan., 2010      5th - Aug., 2010       6th - Jan., 2011  

MORE Pictures Coming... INQUIRE!


 ~~And Now... A Tour AROUND the Inn !! ~~

Hopefully you have seen the 'BEDS'... here is the 'BREAKFAST' !!

 *********************** AND NOW... To Start Our 10th YEAR, a message from Chef RANDY about our Home and the BREAKFAST Schedule: ************************ 


 I have had it with the Slanderous and YES... Libelous  'REVIEWS' (only about 10!!) over the past 10 years here in Mount Dora...only bent on REVENGE.... from the 'ME - ME - ME'S !   Of the THOUSANDS of guests that have stayed with us over the past 10 years... We have to deal with a hand full of these 'TURKEYS'... less than .01%  !!    Margie & I give everything we can... 24-7 / 356 Days a Year! We NEVER Leave or Close... We are always here for our Guests! PLEASE understand the following:

THIS is OUR HOME... WE MUST & USUALLY Enjoy LIVING HERE!! YES!  WE MUST LIVE HERE... IT is REQUIRED by Mount Dora Zoning CODE !!   THIS is OUR HOME!  YOU are a Welcomed GUEST in OUR HOME!  If you have a Problem with that; or do not understand... PLEASE DO NOT COME / GO AWAY... and while I am 'at it': If you do not like 4 legged KIDS... DO NOT COME HERE Either!

HERE is the latest '3 Star' (out of 5) rating on Goggle:

This is the perfectly STUPID past guest... Kathie Menninger... you MUST READ why she gave us a '3'! Here is how she began:

 "The rooms are large, very beautiful and clean, and a very nice bathroom.  The hotel itself is very beautiful and well kept.  The owners are also very gracious....However, we would not stay there again for two reasons. G ET READY!!

#1. "The breakfast is a two hour event, which when it is full, we could understand, but there were just two of us for breakfast and..."  

Well Okay, Margie (not Maggie) tells our guests that a 'Continental' breakfast available shortly after 8:00 AM. The Main 4 course breakfast is available closer to10:00 am. If we have only a couple of guests... instead of 12 to 18... we may have an earlier breakfast... IF YOU REQUEST !!  NOW.... DUMB, DUMBER, AND DUMBEST ! We open the Dinning room at 8:00 am... if you choose to sit there for 2 HOURS waiting for the 4+ course HOT, GOURMET breakfast to be served... SO BE it!  AAHHH!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY... Now comes the BEST from the latest AIR HEAD we had to deal with!!   Get a load of this 100+% STUPID Statement !!

#2. There is a 'lake view' from some of the rooms, but it is not on the lake..."


#3. THIS is My Favorite!!  /   To get into town, you either drive or take the garden walkway path..."

 NOT TRUE!!  We have plenty of room for a Helicopter to land; or call a TAXI; hire a Limo; bring a Bicycle; and On and On !   I guess she expected the 'town; to come to HER?!?! 

Well... it only takes that one ROTTEN APPLE!!   Hey... Kathie... ALL of  MOUNT DORA's B&Bs now KNOW about you !! You would be more at home at MOTEL 6 !  

 ***********************  And Now to Continue with the BREAKFAST!  ************************

All Lodging, comes with OUR Four+ Course Gourmet' Breakfast Buffet !!

WELCOME to DORA's  ROOM... Coffee is 'OUT' at 8:00 AM in...

Our Spacious, 650 square foot, Breakfast Area and Guest Lounge, boasting the Largest of Our SIX  Natural WOOD Burning Fireplaces!!

On 'This Wall'... you will see the Paintings of Three 'CLASSIC' Highwaymen... Harold, Alfred and James...

The 'WARM and FUZZY' Dinning Room !! Where Our Breakfast Buffet is served 365 Days a YEAR!! 

Living Up to Our 4  ... Breakfast begins with one of Randy's 'Generous' Fruit Platters and Margie's Fresh Nut Breads!!


Our Guests enjoy their meal on RS Prussia and RS Germany Porcelain from the early 1900s... 

Using Randy's Mother's LADY HAMILTON Silverware from the 1940's.

 Margie is the BAKER!!  Breakfast begins with her Freshly Baked Nut Bread and Ends with one of her AWESOME Desserts !!

And In Between, one of her many Delicious Egg Casseroles, accompanied by...

 One of Randy's Creations (seen above), a variation on 'Margie's Mom's Fried / Poached Eggs -- These over Bacon, Ham, and Mushrooms... then topped with Assorted Cheeses... with his Specially Seasoned Sausage Patties!!  HEY... your on Vacation!!

**** Click Here... To View Our Rooms and General Rates !! ****


You are Invited to Relax in the PARLOR... 

 The 'Reading Room' or 'Mini-Museum': Available to our Guests - 24 Hours a Day - 365 Days a Year !!


Parking in Downtown Mount Dora may be VERY difficult to find on Weekends and during Special Events...Not to Worry!!

Just leave your car, and... Downtown is only 4 Short Blocks away...

Leave from our parking area via the 'Pathway to Town'; then connect to the City's 'Walkway to Town'...


From the 'Tradition' of our Palm Beach Gardens' HERON CAY Intracoastal Bed & Breakfast...

 When Life was an 'Endless' Party!!   The ORIGINAL HERON CAY... 1991 - 2002 !!

The FOLLOWING is Just more of Randy's 'Babbling and Rambling'... (i.e. 'Blogging??')

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ** About US and Our 'Kids' **      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

****PLEASE NOTE... ALL of Our KIDS live in OUR Area...****

They are always nearby... But  DO NOT 'roam' the B&B... and are NEVER in the Bedrooms (other than the PET FRIENDLY Rooms) !!

You will hardly know they are here... unless you would like to meet them!


Below... 1994 - Our First Borzoi; Lady Jade at 9 months, chasing Super Star at 3 months,.. on 'The Sandbar'; their Favorite Place to Be!  Sadly... Jade, Jasmine, Star and Kalif are Gone... CLICK 'HERE' to Visit our Current Wonderful BORZOI - 'ZOI' - (aka... Russian Wolfhounds)!!


     BORZOI 'Cruise' at 30+ mph !!     At 'FLANK SPEED'... They can 'Run Down' a RABBIT... and/or 'out run' most Greyhounds !!



It has been just over three months since our beloved Darla suddenly left us:  January 23rd, 2016, at 10:30 A.M., our 'Fearless' Flying Darla died... 

She would have been 11 years old February 25, 2016 25...  I can not think about any of our 'Kids' without crying... The beginning of a 'Tribute' to OUR, and Heron Cay's past 'Kids' will be found at the end of this 'Web Page'...   

 Now all of OUR, and HERON CAY's original 'Fab Four' Borzoi... Darla, Anastasia, Pixie Dust and Kalif are gone...  And the 'Kitties' are also gone: Jack, Foxy, Abby, Guana and now Scotty.


 Scotty died in my arms... April 12, 2016...8:15 pm:  My 'Kitty' boy was 19 years and 4 months 'Young'... He came into my life when he was 5 WEEKS Old...  He slept on my pillow every night until the Day he died...  The passing of Scotty marked the END of our Original HERON CAY 'Family'


Our first Zoi... Jade, Jasmine, Star and on August 28, 2013,  KALIF... are Now 'Gone'... I shall never stop Crying for my 'LIF'...

He left his three ladies... ANASTASIA, 'Baby' DARLA... and PIXIE DUST... Now they too are All *GONE*!!

 It has been over two months since our beloved Darla suddenly left us:  January 23rd, 2016, at 10:30 A.M., our beloved 'Fearless' Flying Darla died... She would have been 11 years old February 25, 2016 25...  I Still can not think about her without crying... 

  January 23rd, at 10:30 A.M., our beloved 'Fearless' Flying Darla died... She would have been 11 years old, February 25th... 

She now has joined Kalif, Anastasia... and PIXIE DUST...

 Her 'Running' Mate... Pixie Dust... 

Pixie Dust died suddenly, March22, 2014!!

 September 8, 2014.  ANASTASIA died... after a two year battle with a lung tumor. Oh GOD... How she is Missed. 

  And now; so very hard:  January 23rd, at 10:30 A.M., our beloved 'Fearless' Flying Darla died... She would have been 11 years old, on February 25th... It is going to be SAD Day. 

Now all of OUR, and HERON CAY's original 'Fab Four'... Darla, Anastasia, Pixie Dust and Kalif... have left Margie and I...


THIS is VERY OLD... But after years... I still can not up-date this... it is just history:

Three days after we lost 'Lif'... we were asked if we could 'foster' a 6 month old Girl Borzoi puppy. We said we would... She arrived on Labor Day, 2012: When she entered our home, and lives, we knew the 'Fostering' was over.  Vonya... is in her 'Forever' home, with her 3 older 'Sisters'.   Between the tears... I can again smile.  It has taken some time for me to be able to edit this part of our Web Page.

Meet 'Vonya', our newest girl... following in her older 'sister', Darla's Paw Prints...


But Now... Sadly... without the watchful eyes of our Boy, Kalif... but now with her 'new' Sisters guiding her...

THEN... And NOW...


And little has Changed... THEIR Favorite Place to be was...'On the SANDBAR!!'... And OURS... to be with Our Beloved BORZOI !

Darla and Pixie Dust... AT SPEED !!                                                PRICELESS !!           


Now a look back into the Past...

October 1st, 2008

April 14th, 2011... not Much has Changed!

Below - Summer of 2005:  One of Her first trips to the 'SANDBAR'... Darla becomes know as 'Fearless' Flying Darla !

Below - June 7th, 2006... Her second summer 'On the BAR' !

And below... 5 YEARS Later - June 1st, 2011

'Check' the PAWS!  She is Still FLYING HIGH!!

This is Darla when we told her this was the LAST Trip to the SANDBAR until next Summer... 

But on April 14th, 2011...

We're BACK !!


DARLA!!  YES! I am BACK!! And ...  doing what I love BEST... 'BREAK DANCING' !!

June, 2011

Okay... Let's GO... What's the Matter with you ALL You WIMPS ?!?  

"Okay... I'm Out Voted!" All On their way back home... to CRASH in the Parlor!



Darla's Early Days... at 20 weeks... with Kalif... 

'Robbing the Cradle... She's Mine' !!!

  This is so hard to address: They are now all gone... and these days are Gone Forever...


There are few things on this EARTH, that mean as Much to US, as OUR BORZOI... and KITTIES!!

There is Nothing Like Borzoi!!!... When you 'HAVE Lived With' BORZOI...  you will know... There is Nothing Like Borzoi!!!

BORZOI only GIVE... and Ask BACK... LOVE!!


Our Beloved BORZOI... Darla, Anastasia, Pixie Dust and Kalif... 

Now the last of our 'FAB FOUR', 'Darling Darla', has left us: joining 'Dusty', 'Lif' and 'Stasia'.

      And now... Our Two Last Kitties:


                                                Our youngest is TOMMY... now 7               Scotty... turned 19, November, 2015... and Not Doing well... He just died in my arms... 4/12/2016...

    On Tuesday Morning, December 9, 2014, at the age of just over 20... 


Abby died at home... in my arms: This was hard... Very Hard.


Then, less than 5 months later, on Wednesday, May 6, 2015: What I thought would be easier...But Was Not...

After over 24 years of life ... 23+ with us... our beloved Guana left us... It was even Harder...


2008 we lost two of Our 'Kids':  On May 25 we had to said 'Goodbye' to 'Mr. Jack'; then on October 28th, to 'Foxy Guy'... it is still like Yesterday.

Click on their Pictures... to visit 'Their SITES'


           'Mr. Jack, the CAT'... 13 years Young... died too Young                              'Foxy Guy'... 15 years, also too Young       


The Past Memories are still very present, but Happiness has helped replace Sorrow...

When Scotty left us... Tommy was our last Kitty; but on Friday, April 15th, we were back to FOUR: Three 'Kittens' have joined our Family! 


                     Two 8 month old Orange Tabby Sisters... Jill & Jane!                        And an other Tabby; 10 month old Erin !


All three needed, and Now HAVE a 'Forever Home' with us and the Borzoi; they were being 'Fostered' by Local Veterinarians !!


NO, WE Shall Never 'Let Go of', or 'Forget', Our Kids... MOM & DAD.      

They ALL Were, still ARE and always will BE... a Major Part of OUR Lives!!

It is impossible to find  'Words'... to convey how much ALL of Our 'Kids' have meant, and still mean to us!!

We Love you All so MUCH !!



I have been slowly updating our Web Site over the past year... Our other KIDS have been a huge comfort: Darla, Anastasia, Pixie Dust... Our Kitties and our newest Girl Zoi, Vonya: But so hard without my 'BOY'... my 'SON'... Kalif, who Died Suddenly... within a couple of hours, from 'Natural Causes'... August 28, 2012...

It has been over Three and half Years... but it is like Yesterday, since I lost my boy KALIF... I shall NEVER forget him... 

 MY GOD, how I loved my Boy... 

He was 'gone' in only minutes... I NEVER was able to kiss him, and say Goodbye... Until he was dead...

And now... another sudden loss...

 Our oldest Borzoi... PIXIE DUST - 10 1/2 years young... Died suddenly from 'Natural Causes'... March 22, 2014... 

We are ALL crying... Her passing comes exactly 9 years, from when we lost our first boy 'Zoi'... Super Star... March 22, 2005 

Here is DARLA (on the left)... and PIXIE DUST; doing what she (they) loved they most... Running on 'The Sandbar' !

AND Now... On September 8th, 2014... ANASTASIA joined the list...

 3:45 pm - Monday, September 8, 2014... Anastasia died: Our 'baby' girl, at nearly eleven years, lost her two year battle with a lung tumor. 

 Our new boy, Ringo, was able to meet Anastasia the day after he arrived on August 27, 2014... and spend 12 days with her before her death. 

 'HAPPY 'Stasia' July 12, 2014... She did not know, nor did we... in just a little over a month... she would leave us... 


A 5 1/2 month old Borzoi PUPPY has now joined our FAMILY!!



I left Mount Dora on Sunday, August 24th, 2014; picked 'Ringoski' up in Cookeville, TN, 2:00 pm Monday, August 25th.. and we arrived back HOME 1:15 pm Tuesday, August 26th; after a 'quick' 1300+ mile Trip!



He has been here for a Year now, 17 months old and is a 100% Couch Potato !

And LOVING every Minute !!


 SOON... the Borzoi Miracle story... VONYA... reunited with her Brother MAX after 2 Years!! Against ALL ODDS !! 

  Margie and Max... 130 pounds of Fluff & LOVE !  



   Latest Revision - May 22nd, 2016  

     Let's Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!    


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